Are you stuck in Google’s ‘Sandbox’

For years SEO specialists have been mentioning a Google sandbox and blaming this for the slow listings of new websites. The idea is that if you release a new website it is held back from being on google for a period of time. This time is debated to be between anywhere from a month to an entire year.

Here at Innovixx we do not believe this to be the case and from experience we have proven this so. There are a couple of ways you can ensure you avoid this so called ‘sandbox’ effect.

  1. Run ‘Innovixx Compress’ aka Smush

Simply head to your dashboard and run the Smush module which will compress all of your images. This will speed up your website and make it more accessible to users increasing your seo score.

2. Run ‘Innovixx Load’ aka Hummingbird

By running hummingbird you can see the speed issues that are plaguing your website and causing it to slow down significantly. Clear these issues and gain faster loading times.

3. Finally use ‘Innovixx SEO’ aka Smartcrawl

This is where it gets complicated. What we recommend is see where issues lie and pick them off piece by piece. A good SEO score is above 75/100 and this is where you are aiming for.

If you achieve a score above 75 your website is bound to compete for those top Google search result spots and skip the elusive sandbox that plagues SEO specialists. This guide is a basic start and isn’t the be all and end all. There is a lot more to do so watch this space and we will piece together this puzzle together and make it seem ever more simpler each time.