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From Bespoke Design to Website Plugins. We do it all.

Bespoke Web Design

We do bespoke website design, whether you want a scratch website built to support itself or a wordpress website, we do both to an excellent standard. 

Design, develop and finally implement is all handled by our team. We ensure that your website is built to be accessible and always represent your design. If you can think it we can build it.

Uniquely tailored to Build you brand on the web

Project Research

We begin by researching your business and discover the best way of presenting it in the form of a website.


We then create a interactive wireframe to show you our idea of capturing your business but most importantly receive your feedback to help us improve the design we will later build.


Once the idea for the website is perfect we then move building it, keeping you updated on the progress until the final product is perfect. Everything can be altered and changed during this period so never be afraid to ask.

SEO only gets Better with time.


We use well picked words throughout your website so that when customers search these in the likes of Google your website will be in the results.

Website optimization

We ensure your website is built in such a way to earn high SEO scores, these scores are used to judge whether your website should be higher in the results or not. You can discover your current score here.

Maximise interaction from website visitors

At this point people are starting to navigate themselves towards your website which is fantastic, however it would be no good if they do not stay long. We try to captivate your audience and guide them to where you want them to be resulting in generated sales, clients and followers.

Effective local SEO

SEO is the new big business term, it’s competitive and that’s why we like it. Businesses battle it out to please the Google Gods so they can be the first result that will appear.

We optimize your website and ensure it is one of the first to be viewed when a customer searches for a service you provide. Our methods will guarantee your business is found in your local area.

Responsive Design

We build website’s that can fit onto any digital screen perfectly, so that your website is looking fantastic no matter the device. Online traffic comes from 57% of users accessing websites on mobile phones, 70% of these users making instant decisions on eCommerce sites making responsive design more important than ever…

Responsive design allows you to connect With the larger crowd.

Its not just a design feature. A responsive website connects with its audience, providing a positive user experience that engages their attention. With digital technology ever evolving, we at Innovixx Web make it a priority to proof your website for the future and modernise all websites.

Responsive design isn’t all about making a website work on mobiles, it’s about including everyone, this includes dissabilities. there are almost 2 million people in the UK struggling with eye sight and to date the internet has not been a welcome enviroment. Here at Innovixx Web we pledge to do our absolute best to be inclusive in every website we ever develop.

Get the best out of your website with Innovixx Hosting


Our servers are online 24/7 and issues are responded promptly even though they rarely occur.

Great Customer Service

We have a small team that ensure that your website hosted with us is in tip top shape. You can always open a ticket with us 24/7 including weekends and bank holidays and will be sure to get a prompt response.

Easy Integration

You will find that having your website built with us and then hosted with us will be one of the best decisions you will make. We will be able to access your website and update it regularly, also any edits can be made quickly and easily.


UK Based Hosting

UK Hosting for UK businesses just feels right. Our servers are based in the United Kingdom and when you host with us so will your website. The advantages of hosting in the UK is quite the list; no conflict in laws, high levels of security and reliable connections and speed just to name a few. Oh, and did we mention SEO. Surprisingly enough UK based websites rank higher in SEO scores that any other in the world this is due to connection speeds being faster and therefore giving them a higher rank.

Website Plugins

Website plugins are simply great. WordPress is a great tool on its own but can be restrictive. You think of something you would like to implement but discover WordPress doesn’t have that feature to begin with then make sure you speak to us. We have a team of great developers with years of experience that can custom build plugins that will fit into your website with a click of a button. From portfolio management systems to GDPR compliance notices we do it all.

Explore your capababilities on the Web with custom buit plugins

Steps for a plugin

  1. What do you need your website to do that it currently does not?
  2. How do you want it to look?
  3. Get in contact and we will tell you how long it will take us to build it.

It’s really that simple. Talk to us today.

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