WordPress 5.5. Should you update?

Hey all,

Recently WordPress released version 5.5 with new features and security patches. A number of clients have either updated then asked or see the prompt to update and are asking if they should update so I am going to explain the process of updating. Click here to reveal the answer

Updates are released as a part of the endless infinate development process. Applications of the likes of the WordPress CMS don’t have releases. It isn’t WordPress 1, WordPress 2 and WordPress 3 and some people are still on older versions a bit like mobile phones. Instead we have WordPress… plus whatever version it is, however the expectation is that everyone is on the latest version of WordPress so the numbers do not matter. You should be updated but sometimes application developers don’t or can’t test their themes and plugins on pre releases of WordPress and you may find that your website will break when updating and this is not out the ordinary. Sometimes it is best to leave it a couple of weeks and then update giving developers the opportunity to iron out these issues.

Put simply. No, do not update right away unless you or your developer has tested the latest version but just as importantly do update in time we recommend in a months time from now. If you are a Innovixx Web care member. We will automatically update your website when we have tested everything. Let us know if you have any issues at info@innovixxweb.co.uk

Take care a build better.

– Innovixx Web Team